Customers FAQ

1. How can I join?
You can join by using your credit card, your checking account or by phone billing.
2. Can I join if I don't have a credit card?
Yes you can. You can join by using your checking account or you can join by phone.
3. What name or company will I be billed by? What will appear on my bank statement ?
Your membership will be discreetly billed by "CCBill".
4. How will the charge appear on my telephone bill?
Your membership will be discreetly billed as "Web Access".
5. Do I have unlimited access with my trial membership?
Yes absolutely! You will have unlimited access to ALL of the content we offer. Nothing is held back during your trial Membership. 
6. Some or most of the live feeds don't seem to be working for me?
There are numerous reasons why the live videos may not be working. Please make sure you are using either Netscape 3.0 and 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0, AOL 3.0 and 4.0 bit Version for Windows 95/98. If you are using one of the browsers listed above and still having problems, then you need to focus on the preferences of your browser. 
Make sure java is "enabled" in your preferences section. Another possible problem could be that you do not have the required plugins. Currently, our video feeds run best using Quicktime, and Windows media player.
7. Do I need any special software to view the images?
No, viewing the images should work fine with IE, Netscape, AOL & WebTV browsers.
8. How do I download pictures to my hard drive? 
Wait till the pictures has loaded completely. Position your mouse over the photo, click on it with the right mouse button, then click Save Picture/Image as.
9.What can I do if I'm having problems viewing the Mpegs? 
We suggest to upgrade to the most recent version of your movie player. You should install Real Video Player and Windows Media Player.
10. Where can I find the correct plug-in?
There is no one standard for streaming video over the Internet. Sometimes your browser will tell you that you do not have the correct plug-in to view the video. Here is a list where you can downlaod the most common types of video plug-ins.
Windows Media Player
Real Video Player
11. I have WebTV, can I watch the live shows and movies? 
At this time, we are sorry to say that WebTV Members will not be able to view the Live Shows and Movies.
12. What browsers work with which videos?
The live shows and videos work with most browsers. We recommend to upgrade to the most recent version of you browser. Also you may be required to install plug-ins into your browser to see some content.

The latest browser versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape can be download here:
Download Internet Explorer    Download Netscape

13. In the chat room, I get "Your browser does not support Java". 
You need to enable Java support in your browser settings. 
15. Why was my credit card rejected?
There are a number of reasons beyond our control that may keep us from accepting a credit card. For instance, the card could be "blocked" if it was ever involved in a billing dispute with an Internet merchant or website. This is done to protect the cardholder and merchant in the future. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to make a rejected card work again.
16. My username and password do not work!
There are a number of reasons that your password may not be working.

You need to enter your username and password in the same exact case sequence as you did when you signed up because our system is case sensitive. Make sure you are using capital and lowercase letters when necessary. This problem accounts for 90% of access difficulties. 

We processed your account and found you didn't include enough valid information. 
Your credit card was declined because of a lack of credit or because we do not have the address where you receive your credit card statement. 

Perhaps your credit card has expired and you need to provide us with a new expiration date. We inform all of our members of this unless we do not have a valid e-mail address or they do not want any e-mail sent.

Your credit card was declined the last time we ran it. 

You cancelled your account and forgot it.

Your account was cancelled by us for unauthorized use of a credit card or similar reasons.

You moved and didn't notify us. Therefore your credit card was declined because your address could not be verified.

17. How do I cancel my membership?
Click here to cancel your membership!
18. How do I know my membership was canceled?
When you use our automated cancel page, the system will send a confirmation to the e-mail address that you provided when you joined.
19. Do I need to cancel my membership if I joined by phone billing/web 900?
You are only billed by web 900 whenever you call the number. There is no need to cancel your subscription if you joined this way as your access to the members area will cease at the end of the period you purchased.
20. Will I have unlimited site access if I'll have trial access?
Yes, all site content is accessible for trial members, the only limitation - trial daily download limit - 3500mb
21. Do you offer 9 sites bonus access to all members after 3 days?
We provide 9 bonus paysites access to all full members (not discounted!), who joined the site with credit card or check
22. My question was not answered can I e-mail it to you?
Yes, please include your username and subscription number with your question and email us by clicking here.